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"We have a powerful potential in our youth, and we must have the courage to change old ideas and practices so that we may direct their power toward good ends."

− Mary McLeod Bethune


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Accounting & Finance Department


At Meritorious® Biztech® College we are proud to have some renowned educational affiliates with us which are specially working in the field of Business Accounting and Finance:

  • Irish University Business School (IUBS) – London
  • Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA) – UK
  • International Association of Book Keepers (IAB) – UK
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) – UK
  • Chartered Institute of Management Consultants (CIMC) – US
  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) - UK (Tuition Provider)
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)(Tuition Provider)

Meritorious® Biztech® College offers you the extensive programs in academic and professional certifications, from beginners to advanced level courses. IAB, IFA, CPA, ATD and also offers the bachelors, Masters and PHD programs in various fields of Accounting and Finance from the Irish University. The student gets the degree from Irish university while studying in Uganda.

Here are the reasons why one should opt for Meritorious® Biztech® College:

  • Meritorious® Biztech® College has the qualified and experienced faculty.
  • Meritorious® Biztech® College gives the practical training to accounting and finance students.

We understand the balance between work, family and completing an education — that’s why we offer the most affordable, high-quality higher education options.

Our students benefit from small classes and flexible schedules. Meritorious® Biztech® College provides internship and placement opportunities as well to boost the confidence.

The beauty of the accounting field is that every company and organization—whether large or small, public or private—needs to keep track of its finances, meaning that someone with diverse interests can use accounting skills to work across many industries.

New batch of different courses of accounting will begin from March, 2016. So Hurry and get enrolled as Biztech is committed to student’s success.

Karim Virani
Head Of Accounting & Finance Department

Internship Training


Meritorious® Biztech® College has continuously rolled out an apprenticeship program that helps to address the unemployment problem and shape the attitude of Ugandan graduates. This is achieved through our specialized internship program which we execute hand in hand with our stakeholders.


Mass Communication Department


Hands-on skills to help create jobs

Every year that starts comes with its challenges. Challenges in many aspects of life. The most challenging for the youth is the prospect of finishing school, attaining that dream degree and getting that dream job. To those still in school the difficulty of getting a job might not loom in their brains, but to those that have finished and walking around with their brown envelopes in search of jobs know what am taking about.

Today many students study courses to attain a degree without putting in perspective what that course has to offer at the end of the day. Is it just about getting a degree or being able to put into practise what one has attain at campus? That’s a big question with not so many answers. However this can be dealt with in a simple way possible.

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The Mass Communication department at Meritorious® Biztech® College has reacted first in trying to bridge the gap for its students not being job searchers but job creators. With its well stocked media lab, the department is now teaching hands-on skills to the mass communication students, giving them an opportunity to move away from the more theoretical system to the practical system.

In this the students are taught how to operate a video camera, take photos, edit videos and also edit sounds. This has helped students have an eye of setting up work areas of their own in their respective fields of interest, hence becoming job creators for them selves.

With the increased number of universities and institutions, students need to be guided on how to make use of what they are studying and become self starters. A call for more practical and hands-on teaching will help.

Tr. Daniel Nelson Wamala
Head Of Mass Communication Department

Biztech's Student Blog


Meritorious® Biztech® College is one of the institutions in Uganda that offers Petroleum specialized courses which aim at giving practical skills to students (us). As a student, am happy that all our courses including petroleum Management are accredited by National Council for higher Education. I therefore commend the good work done by management and administration as well as academic staff of the College.

David Bior Kur
Petroleum Management Student
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