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MERITORIOUS® BIZTECH® COLLEGE "Meritorious" (the words Biz Tech stands for business and technical), the former name of "Meritorious" was Makerere Biztech College "MBTC"; MBTC started functioning in the year 2011; In 2013 in a meeting of Board of Governance it was discussed and agreed to apply for the License from National Council of Higher Education Uganda, that we successfully got and in the same meeting a thought had been tabled; that in the near future if we apply license for an University; that may create a conflict because of the name 'MAKERERE' and therefore MBTC has been changed to Meritorious. Meritorious and MBTC both are registered trading names of Master Managers and Trainers Limited (MMTL); MMTL is the entity that holds License and approval from Ministry of Education and Sports since May 2011. Subsequently; Meritorious has availed License from National Council of Higher Education, Uganda early this year.

In addition to the above Meritorious® Biztech® College has accredited with globally recognized institutions of professional studies as following:

  1. Institution of Financial Accountants (IFA) - UK
  2. International Association of Book Keepers (IAB) - UK
  3. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) - UK
  4. Oracle University Partner - USA
  5. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) - UK (Tution Provider)

Executive Summary:

Meritorious is established by a team of business professionals after seeing the realistic requirement of practically trained skilled and semiskilled personnel. MBTC has brought a completely job oriented concept that provides internship (practical training) during the period of ones studies that helps a candidate to avail job opportunity; Meritorious has made its efforts and research not only in the Country but all over East Africa about available successful and upcoming industries according atmosphere and climate and designed specific courses many of them are already approved by National Council of Higher Education, Uganda and others are submitted for approval. Not only Meritorious has designed specific courses even it has arranged trainers from abroad to train its teachers.


The dominance of conventional Classroom lecturing as mode of teaching and learning in management education has increasingly being questioned for its appropriateness. Hence it is no surprise that leading business universities and colleges in recent past are reported to have been pursuing alternative approaches of non-classroom education. We at Meritorious believe that the softer but crucial aspect of management training are character or attitude building developing a mind set for holistic, systematic thinking and recognizing skill for administration.

Mission Statement:

"To advocate the integrity of Employees by providing vocational education in real practical environment with professionalism in the areas of business and technology"


"Build bridges towards continuous National Economic Growth through Education and Synergic Excellence."

Core Values

  1. Confidentiality
  2. Professionalism
  3. Efficiency
  4. Positive Approach
  5. Quality Assurance
  6. Punctuality and Commitment


Meritorious is one of the promising upcoming private educational institutions in Uganda with a crystal clear aim to educate every young and aspiring student with practical knowledge in realistic working environment to reduce unemployment from the country.

For the professional education only class room lecture and black board knowledge is out dated! therefore in each and every program we have made compulsory "INTERSHIP" for at-least a period of 6 months.

Meritorious is having professional relationship with business community at a large that helps us to recommend our students for internship and also have resources within to enhance practical capacity of a candidate before he leaves college.

"Vocational Education gets better Jobs than mere degree"